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Empower entrepreneurs by integrating personal and business planning

  “One of the stats we’re most proud of and aligned with our mission as an organization is that our clients have given over 200 million dollars back to charity. It’s great evidence of how generous and charitable entrepreneurs are, and I don’t know that they get enough credit for that… ” In this episode, […]

What can business owners do in advance of a dale to maximize value?

As a business-owner who is ready to sell, what can you do to increase the value of your company prior to selling it? What steps would you take in advance of a sale to ensure that the business is in good shape for a potential buyer? This week’s The Dave Kittle Show episode, Dave Kittle […]

What are you getting into when you want to sell your business?

What are the two most important things to know before starting the journey to sell your business? Chris Younger, with Class VI Partners, answers this question and many more. He discusses the fundamentals of selling a middle-market company, the importance of preparation and planning ahead, looking for a buyer with the right fit, building a […]

CEO Insights & Self Care with Chris Younger

Chris has bought, sold, and led companies across all business sectors and advises organizations and family offices on transactions. This provides Chris with insights on C-level leaders that he shares in this episode.