Category: Financial Market Updates

May’s Market in Minutes

Markets in Brief: In April, equity markets took a well-deserved breather and ended the month lower amid heightened geopolitical tensions and inflation concerns. On the former, the direct exchange of military operations between Iran and Israel sparked a risk-off tone as the conflict spread beyond the borders of Israel and Palestine. This sparked fear of […]

April’s Market in Minutes

Markets in Brief: In March, equity markets continued the grind higher as the rally broadened out beyond the “Magnificent Seven.” This is typically a welcomed sign for market strength as it dulls the concentration risk from the massive rally in AI-oriented names like Nvidia and the other mega cap tech companies. For the quarter, the […]

March’s Market in Minutes

Markets in Brief: Global equity markets continued the grind higher in February despite the uptick in interest rates during the month. The U.S. remains remains a bright spot in economic activity, which is being reflected in stronger-than-expected GDP growth, corporate earnings, and inflation data. This dynamic has pushed back expectations of the first Fed rate […]

February’s Market in Minutes

Markets in Brief: 2024 is starting the same way 2023 ended: with positive equity market performance. Questions remain around the durability of this rally, but positive economic momentum is keeping markets afloat for now. Meanwhile, bond markets are in a tug of war between expectations that the Fed will cut rates this year and the […]

January’s Market in Minutes

Markets in Brief: The Santa Claus rally that started in October pushed up markets to end the year back at all-time highs. Better economic and corporate earnings outcomes during the year alongside slowing inflation and a pausing Fed hiking cycle all contributed to the amazing recovery in 2023 for equity markets relative to the dismal […]

December’s Market in Minutes

Markets in Brief: November came as a welcomed reprieve for equity markets as most indices saw major positive performance. The momentum came from peak Fed policy and soft-landing narratives, on the back of strong seasonality or the “Santa Claus Effect.” Bond markets also rallied with confirmation that inflation continues to trend lower, providing a valuation […]

November’s Market in Minutes

Markets in Brief: The devastating onset of war between Israel and Hamas is just another reminder of the growing geopolitical tension in the world, and how we can enter a period of instability with just a few strong actions from one or two parties. Now under the cloud of multiple wars in the region with […]

October’s Market in Minutes

Markets in Brief: The market took another leg lower in September, which is typically one of the worst seasonal months of the year for markets as participants come back from summer and reposition into year-end. The headline of the month was surging yields, with the US 10yr yield at a 16-year-high. A variety of items […]